Show your solidarity with the ruling class in this 100% cotton t-shirt. Made in Bangladesh. Wrinkle-free. Let them eat cake!
(available in white only)

Your Old School

Fly your team colors and give a Bronx cheer to the military/industrial/education complex. Enjoy mindless boosterism without the crippling debt of real college!
Block that kick!



We can neither confirm nor deny your attendance at Deep State University. Since our records are classified, no one can say you didn’t graduate cum laude. Hail to thee,
old Alma Mater!

What's for Brex-fast?

Georgetown Perp

The official t-shirt of Team Kavanaugh, with in-your-face, perspiration-wicking technology. The latest in frat house couture.
(available in Large and
Extra Large asshole.)


safety vest

When you’re tired of the whole megillah. When you’d like to drop out of Western history and the murderous fairy tale of globalization.
Anarchist discount available.

gilet jaune

for the man who has everything...


The perfect father’s day gift. Drive home your love for pappy with this thoughtfully inscribed love hammer.

Memory Mauler

For that special someone for whom everything is a nail! Give those problem-solvers in your life a proper tool for negotiating tight emotional situations.

Ties that Bind

Just when you thought the neck tie had gone the way of the woolly mammoth, we introduce our line of caustic cravats for the #MeToo generation. Once a sign of membership in the Old Boy’s Club, the neck tie is now a billboard of woke-ness, a wink to the crimes of chauvinism that we pretend are finally over. Stain resistant.


Feet of Clay

Bob Mueller Action Figure
Take 50% OFF the former #resistance hero and Iraq War promoter. Please.

No We Can’t
Act now. Our Inventory of Hope
is almost gone.

I’m With Her

Hillary Rodham Clinton Action Figure
Glass-Ceiling Buster and Girl Power advocate.

SPECIAL OFFER: Buy one, get one free! Sure to be a collector’s item!